Hyper efficient oil/gas heat

February 15, 2017

With heating oil near $3 per gallon and gas still out beyond the horizon for most, we need to be employing the most cost efficient heating systems available on the market. I can recommend two options:


For those using oil heat, I would recommend the Toyotomi Oil miser; a small package with a big BTU punch. These small units work on the low-mass heating theory popular in Japan and with many US-based technicians; highly controlled systems that do not store much heat, but rather, produce it when necessary. This system gains efficiency through efficient heat transfer methods and by reducing stack and stand-by losses associated with high mass systems. The Oil Miser can heat a surprising amount of square feet and Biotech services can integrate these systems (made available by Arctic Technical Services) with their patented masonry hydronic heating loop, giving you heat so cheap you'll almost feel guilty.


The other heating appliance I can recommend it the HTP Versa Hydro. This gas-fired wonder is incredibly efficient and requires almost zero maintenance. No natural gas? Propane works just fine. This system has built in alternative energy porting and a tank size that eliminates the need for separate tanks for thermal storage. Nearly all the brains to integrate your alternative heat source is built right in. Lucky for Fairbanksans, Biotech Industries has been installing and integrating the Versa Hydro and its cousin for nearly a decade in Fairbanks and ties them nicely to Dan Givens' beautiful masonry heaters through their patented hydronic heating loop.


Bottom line is that you have got to check these systems and the masonry heat integration out! Do yourself a favor and click our Biotech link on our alternatives page of the website and schedule an appointment today to start heating for pennies tomorrow. See Biotech, Mr. Givens and Arctic Technical Services at the Fairbanks Home Show coming soon.


Happy heating and warm winters in Fairbanks.



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